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TEC99415 Chewing Gum Remover 5.5oz

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Introducing Technician’s Choice® TEC99415 Chewing Gum Remover...Freezes gum, wax and latex paint for easy removal. Use on carpets, upholstery, wood, vinyl, paint, cloth, plastic and most surfaces.

TEC99415 Chewing Gum Remover, quickly freezes chewing
gum, candle wax, acrylic, latex pain splatters and other materials or easy removal from all hard surfaces. This product can also be used on wood, paint, plastic, vinyl and cloth.


Spray directly on chewing gum or candle wax until it is frozen hard. Then, chip off with a stick, spoon or knife. Use the same procedure for use on wood, latex, paint, cloth, carpeting and upholstery. Do not use on humans or animals. Skin contact may frostbite.


Low Odor
Clear Liquid
Forceful Spray
Extreme Versatility