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ECP (Entire Car Protection)

ECP (Entire Car Protection)

ECP (Entire Car Protection)

ECP Incorporated has served automobile dealers since 1969 and is an affiliate of Daubert Industries serving multiple industries since 1935. Since 1969, ECP Incorporated has served many of the finest automobile dealers in the nation. Today, ECP has distributors throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada, South Africa and continues to expand world-wide. The ECP story in recent years has been one of expansion, in terms of new markets, new products and increased acceptance through professional training on existing products and services.

ECP offers a diversified line of products and programs which include: Appearance Protection/Protective Coatings, Aftermarket Finance Products and Appreciation Programs for new, pre-driven and leased vehicles as well as a complete line of Detailing, Prep, Service, Facility Chemicals and Supplies. Brands you can trust since 1969, as seen on over 40 million vehicles. Over 14 thousand dealers use ECP products, programs and services.

As an ESOP organization our employees have a vested interest in, and commitment to your success. Although privately held, ECP an affiliate of Daubert Industries has adopted business practices which coincide with many public corporations. Annually we have elected to have our financials audited by an independent accounting firm. ECP currently uses McGladrey & Pullen for both audit and tax work. The principal shareholders , ESOP participants and most importantly our customers are confident that sufficient structure, guidelines, compliance and accountability are in place to assure the financial strength necessary to administrate and pay claims is and always will be appropriate.

Our heritage has been in the manufacturing, packaging and distributing of protective coating, detailing, prep and service chemicals and supplies and in providing the administration of product warranties and financial services programs to produce profit opportunities and cost savings for automobile dealers, meeting customer requirements while searching for new technologies.

In our present and future global economy this means being sensitive to environmental considerations while providing solutions, techniques and products that offer responsible economical benefits for the automobile dealerships we serve on a worldwide basis.

We know this requires dedication, a willingness to listen and the capability to work with customers on a hands-on basis as partners.

We are extremely grateful for the long term commitments of our many distributors, agents and dealers, with thousands of relationships for over 40 years.


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