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TEC702 Sapper Tree Sap Remover (1 Gallon)

$26.96 $29.95

Introducing Technician’s Choice® TEC702 SAPPER Tree Sap Remover... is a fully active tree sap remover, without useless fillers. The product quickly penetrates the most stubborn tree sap to allow effortless removal without heavy rubbing or buffing. The formula is not greasy and does not utilize a traditional petroleum distillate base. Any excess product will quickly evaporate from the surface and will not damage surrounding trim or rubber seals.


Surfaces to be treated should be clean and dry. Apply product to an appropriate applicator pad or spray directly on the surface and gently work the product into the surface to be treated. Avoid rubbing too hard and allow the product to do the work. Multiple applications may be needed to allow the product to fully penetrate and remove the tree sap. Follow treated areas with a quality wax to restore protection.

Outstanding Features:

100% active formula
Quickly penetrates for easy removal
No hard rubbing or buffing needed
Not petroleum distillate based
Will not damage trim or rubber seals