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TEC580 XPC3 Ceramic Coating 2oz

$35.95 $39.95


TEC580 Ceramic Coating is the purest form of surface protection you can
apply to your vehicle. Coatings form chemical bonds to the applied sub
strate, which become both chemically and wear resistant. These chemical

bonds are hard to break once cured and give outstanding performance

characteristics. The liquid ceramic coating will provide years of protection

against all types of environmental attacks. The ceramic resin acts like

an additional layer of clear coat which gives increased depth of gloss and

enhanced color. Ceramic coating creates an almost non-stick layer which

reduces the adhesion of dirt, grime and bugs. The cured ceramic coating is
extremely hydrophobic, chemical & scratch resistant.


SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Vehicle to be treated must be washed, properly prepped, and completely dry before application. Surfaces must be free of defects and contamination for optimum performance and appearance. Apply enough product to the supplied applicator for one panel coverage. Using a back and forth motion, apply the product liberally to the whole panel, including decals, trim, plastic, and/or glass. Allow the product to flash on the surface until the excess product begins to bead up. Gently wipe off the excess with a new, premium microfiber towel. A second microfiber towel may be needed to ensure no streaks or high spots are left behind. Avoid excess wiping/buffing. Repeat for each panel of the vehicle. Do not allow the vehicle to enter the outside elements for at least 30 minutes.


Chemical & wear resistant
Gives years of protection
Enhanced color & depth of gloss
Reduces dirt build up
Extremely hydrophobic