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Rupes Wool Pads Cut & Finish - Rotary

$29.51 $32.79

The CUT & FINISH Rotary Wool Polishing Pads represent a massive leap forward in rotary pad technology, providing versatility for detailers, body shop technicians, or anywhere a rotary polisher finds frequent use. These pads use only the highest-quality genuine merino wool fibers refined to a consistent 20mm length, assembled in an extremely dense pattern onto a specially designed foam interface.

The CUT & FINISH Pads provide an optimized balance, an exceptional cut and better finish than any wool rotary pad available on the market today. The unique design allows the operator to manipulate the pad in several applications and contour to panel shapes.

RUPES CUT & FINISH Wool Pads are compatible with virtually all rotary-style polishers, but perform best with a low speed and high torque tool like the BigFoot LH19E.