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P&S Reset Clay Scrubber 4"x6" (2 pack)


4" x 6" (2 pack)

P&S's RESET Clay Scrubber is a handy tool that combines scrubbing and claying! This tool, an advancement over the Clay Bar, removes bugs, paint contamination, light overspray, and more quickly and effectively! To help with bug eradication during a wash, toss it in your wash bucket or use it as a stand-alone clay tool with clay lubricant! Note: Avoid using insect remover as a clay lubricant. For optimal effects, use a specialized clay lubricant.

CLAY BAR PLUS SCRUBBING - Remove pollutants, bugs, light over-spray road grime, and other road fallout from your paint with one easy-to-use tool.

FINAL WASHING STEP - Before waxing, buffing, and polishing your car, use this scrubbing sponge to remove as much paint pollution as possible.

DUAL SCRUBBING POWER: The red jersey material removes stubborn filth, bugs, and grime from the surface. The black clay sides extract embedded impurities from the paint.

REUSABLE CONVENIENCE - Use and reuse dozens of times! Use as a final step with clay lube, or early on in your wash bucket to get rid of tough bugs.