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Nasiol DetailerShine Trim & Tire Shine 500ml


Nasiol DetailerShine is an exclusive formula to clear dirt and grime from the tires while giving them a fantastic shine. Nasiol DetailerShine restores the original color of tires and the trim portions with its powerful deep glaze formula, and it makes the removal of dirt a breeze for future cleaning.


  • Long-lasting stunning shine.
  • It makes future maintenance and cleaning of the surface easier.
  • No need to use a pressure washer to clean.


Trim and tires of vehicles.


  • Application area should be free of water and dirt. 
  • Before use shake the bottle very well.
  • It can be applied by a cleaning gun, spraying, or vacuum cleaner machine.
  • Transfer the product with a sponge and wipe it or spray directly to trims and tires.