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Maxshine M8S V2 - 1000W Dual Action Polisher (8mm Orbit)


The MaxShine M8S V2 dual action polisher for car detailing is the ideal polisher to get those smaller hard-to-polish spots looking beautiful again. It’s the easiest and safest way to polish paint and get rid of those hard-to-reach swirl marks and scratches. For the best results pair the M8S V2 with our polishing pads, compounds, and finishing polish to give your paint that perfect finish you have been dreaming of. The M8S V2 car polisher is the latest advancement in our journey to car detailing perfection. This polisher buffer is designed specifically for comfort and efficiency.

  • Blast Through Scratches – The upgraded M8S V2 orbital buffer features a new 1000W motor to add more power, torque, and efficiency to your car detailing workflow. Get the job done faster, easier, and more effectively by using our car buffer.
  • Easily Adjust Your Speed – Unlike other car polishers and buffers, the M8S V2 car polisher has 6 variable speeds and even allows you to refine the speed by 1/2 step increments. Lock in your preferred polishing machine speed and start detailing.
  • Built for Strength and Durability – The M8S V2 buffer for car detailing is designed to be a part of your detailing tools for years to come. We consistently push our auto buffers and polishers to the limit in our car detailing garage in California.
  • Consistent and Reliable Every Time – From waxing to polishing, you can always count on MaxShine to provide a consistent polishing experience. Trusted across multiple industries in the car, motorcycle, and boat detailing industries.
  • Customize Your Polisher For Comfort – The M8S V2 integrates an ergonomic and detachable handle that can be adjusted to almost any angle. Paired with a new ergonomic top grip to stabilize your automobile buffer and provide maximum comfort.