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Maxshine High Pressure Spray Gun Holder

$18.86 $20.95

Keep your garage organized and your pressure washer gun handy with its own wall-mounted holder. Its high-quality construction gives it durability, while its corrosion resistance provides longevity. A perfect upgrade to any garage or mobile setup.

The spray gun holder is designed for your convenience and to save valuable space.


  1. Compatible with Maxshine High-Pressure Water Gun (HPG001)

  2. Easy installation, uses only 2 screws

  3. Made of high-quality steel materials

  4. Not Included: High-Pressure Spray Gun


Size: 80 x 150 x 50.5mm

Thickness: 2cm

Color: Silver

Weight: 0.3kg

Package including 1pcs High-Pressure Spray Car Wash Gun Holder with two screws.