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Maxshine Foldable Paint Inspection Light / Swirl Finder


Light it up with your Maxshine Ultra bright!

Turn the fully adjustable knob to the desired brightness and hang the light via the metal ring or attach it to any metal surface via the strong magnetic base for bright hands-free illumination.

Light up dark crevices of your cabin during interior details to achieve that perfect spotless clean or reveal scratches and swirls during polishing to get the brightest shine with the Maxshine Ultra Bright Light!

Maxshine Foldable Paint Inspection Swirl Light

Features and Benefits:

  • Full range in motion hanging clip allows for hands-free use. Great for working under the hood or undercarriage of your vehicle. If you have nowhere to hang the light it is also magnetic so that it can be attached to anywhere that’s safe on the vehicle.
  • 5″ light strip consisting of 40 individual LEDs emits a significant amount of light that appears a bright white.
  • The light comes with a Micro USB port for charging. Safely and efficiently recharge the power and your light and it will let you know when it is done.
  • Equipped with a control knob that can fully adjust the brightness of the light.

Ultra Bright Rechargeable Foldable Paint Inspection Light Usage:

Before use, charge the Ultra Bright Rechargeable Foldable Paint Inspection Light for the first time using the USB charging cable supplied.

The first charge will take approximately an hour (when all four battery status indicators turn green).

The initial reduced charging time is because Ultra Bright Rechargeable Foldable Paint Inspection Light is supplied partially charged.

Please note that Ultra Bright Rechargeable Foldable Paint Inspection Light should not be stored with a flat battery as this can damage the unit. We would recommend you charge it fully every 30 days even when not in use.