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Maxshine Foam Pad Cleaning Brush & Pad Removal Tool

$17.06 $18.95

Foam Pad Cleaning Brush features an innovative wedge on one end and a brush with stiff nylon bristles on the other, which is a handy tool that can fit into a pocket or belt for quick access during a job.

The wedge side allows for easy pad removal, reducing the risk of accidental tears and damage to the pad during removal while helping you clean your pad safely and quickly with the brush bristles, no matter if it is still attached to the backing plate or removed and ready for cleaning chemicals, debris, and dirt on the pad.

  • A dual-functional foam pad cleaning brush 
  • Pad cleaner and remover
  • Quality material construction: PP and Polycarbafil brush body with Nylon stiff bristles
  • A handy tool