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Maxshine Detailing Brush Set - 3 Piece Pack

$14.95 $18.95

Maxshine Auto Detailing Brush Set aims to clean hard-to-reach objects in your car.  They come in 3 different sizes to help you to finish jobs fast and easily.

Features and Benefits:

  • Diameter: 4#(25mm), 6#(30mm), 10#(40mm) Made with pig hair bristles
  • Bend to clean tiny or hard-to-reach areas professionally
  • Perfect for any detailing work
  • Great tool for cleaning leather seats, doormats, interior, and exterior of cars
  • Professionally goes well with all kinds of detailing tools and accessories

How it work?

Detailing between air vents and seams on your dashboard and console can be a challenge.

It dislodges stubborn grime with stiff, black bristles, and it gently cleans clear plastic panels with soft, grey bristles.