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Maxshine Brush & Trigger Bottle Holder


Maxshine Brush and Trigger Bottle Holder is a wall mount tool holder, the perfect complimenting organizational tool for our Polisher Holders and Bottle Holders.

Hang Trigger Top Bottles from the sturdy Iron constructed ledge, as well as store Detailing Brushes in the 10 holes provided at the top of the Holder.


  • The Compound and brush can be better placed together, neat and uncluttered
  • This trigger bottle holder is a convenient organizing tool for you to put all your compounds bottle and brush together.
  • Made of high-quality iron, can be used for a long time
  • High corrosion resistance, comes with corresponding screws
  • It does not need assembly, unlike other holders! Our Brush and Compound Holder is a good choice if you’re looking for a car details accessory.

Maxshine Brush and Trigger bottle holder 10 Holes car detailing Brush stand