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Maniac Water Spot & Mineral Remover 500ml

$18.66 $21.95

Ready to use – specific for the removal of limescale stains

  • Specific decontaminant for the removal of limescale stains
  • Ready to use, easy to use and non-abrasive because it chemically dissolves dirt [rimuovi]
  • Effectively removes mineral contaminants (limescale, salt residues, concrete saltpetre), superficial oxidation, water spots and acid rain from windows and bodywork.
  • Powerful, effective and safe on painted surfaces.
  • Ideal to use before applying an anti-rain protection or a nano glass sealant.
  • Ideal for improving the bond of protective sealants, coatings or wax.
  • Ideal for all surfaces: glass, paint, plastics and chrome.