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Labocosmetica Veritas - Surface Pre Cleaner (1 Litre)


Veritas is a whirlpool highlighter, essential before the application of the coating or the putty, which cleans and degreases the surface before any nano treatment, by eliminating any type of lubricating oil (paraffin or new generation synthetic oils) and by polishing, highlighting underlying imperfections without bleaching the paint. All the products on the market have high volatility, which does not allow the product to completely remove working oils.

Veritas, unlike IPAs which evaporate very quickly and cannot deep clean, was specifically developed to achieve the best results even during the summer months. IPA solutions are normally used for post polishing control, to clean a surface before the final protection pass, being powerless against dust which tends to settle immediately after.

However, Veritas is able to completely remove polishin oils and also, thanks to its high antistatic effect, to repel dust, which makes it easy to work when applying the coating. Cleaning with this product ensures a better end result and the coating molecules will be able to adhere better to the surface, providing longer lasting protection.

But Veritas is much more: it helps designers when applying the coating: if halos have been created within the first hour after the coating has been applied, it can be reworked without removing it, using '' a microsuede cloth soaked in the product to iron out the error. Thanks to its specific formula, it can also be used in an innovative way, as a control of the life of the coating during the washing step: many shampoos, in fact, leave micro residues of surfactants which do not allow coating to show up and could cause the designer to err in thinking that the coating has disappeared.

Thanks to Veritas, this problem is completely avoided. Veritas has been thoroughly researched, developed and tested in Mafra laboratories in cooperation with the best international retail centers.

Direction for Use

VÈRITAS may be used pure or diluted 1:4. In case of pure product, spray #VÈRITAS on a microfibre cloth then rub it on thè surface, In case of diluted product, spray it directly onta thè surface, Avoid spraying thè pure product directly on thè body of thè car, To check thè coating's health, after washing thè car and with thè car stili wet, spray VÈRITAS on thè surface of thè bonnet from 60 cm away, then rinse with a water jet.