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Labocosmetica STC - Silicone Titanium Ceramic Coating


The excellence of the #Labocosmetica Line in terms of durability and performance

S as SILICON – The precise spatial arrangement of Silicon surrounded by Oxygen guarantees perfect adhesion to the surface and a more effective protective shield.

T like TITANIUM – TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide) represents today the most innovative solution in the field of coating both for its self-cleaning capacity and for its resistance to chemical agents.

C as CERAMIC Coating – The chemical-physical mixture uniquely combines the hardness and flexibility of the glass layer and gives a highly reflective vitreous gloss that lasts for the entire life cycle of the treatment.

#STC is a 70% physical and 30% chemical coating.

It is a COMPLETE SEALANT PROTECTIVE ceramic treatment that ensures long-lasting protection by offering high resistance to scratches, contaminants such as road salt, tar, acid rain, air pollution and UV rays.

Thanks to its properties, it makes the treated surface easily washable and gives the body a bright color, a gloss deep and three-dimensional.