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Labocosmetica Revitax - Wash & Coat Shampoo 500ml


Wash & Coat Shampoo

• The next generation of neutral shampoo, “Wash&Coat” washes, seals, protects and extends the life of the previously applied coating.
• On untreated cars, it is able to assure gloss and protection, equal to nano-sealants.
• With excellent cleaning properties and good lubrication, it adheres and protects wonderfully, assuring extremely high beading and sheeting levels.
• Consisting of a mixture of solubilised siloxanes that adhere to the body assuring protection, silkiness and resistance, with excellent foaming and lubrication during washing.
• Although it is a neutral product, it has excellent cleaning properties: it dissolves and softens dirt.
• It does not interfere with nano-protectives applied on windows and leaves no halos or streaks.
• Utmost ease of use and easy correction of detailer errors (thanks to our exclusive “I Forgive You” technology).
• Thoroughly researched, developed and tested by Mafra laboratories in cooperation with the most prestigious sports car makers worldwide.


in case of cars not protected by nano-sealants, dilute 1:80; for coating or sealant maintenance, dilute up to 1:150. Thanks to the same mother particle, layers of #REVÌTAX, #BENEFÌCIA and #CUPÌDO can be overlaid. Maximum protection is achieved eight hours after application.