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Labocosmetica Primus - High Safety Foam Prewash (1 Litre)


High safety foam prewash for cars and motorcycles

•#PRÌMUS is the first prewash in the detailing sector to have obtained VDA certification, a German independent body  that certifies the compatibility of chemicals on the most delicate car and motorcycle materials. In fact, #PRÌMUS is an alkaline detergent free of caustic salts. It maintains its excellent qualities in complete safety on any paint and material, even the most delicate on sports cars and motorcycles.
• #PRÌMUS has a detergent power and a high degree of safety in its category. Easily removes gnats, resins, road dirt even the most stubborn, without mechanical action.
• #PRÌMUS is very versatile in the various dilutions of use: it can clean rims, wheel arcs and the most delicate parts of the bodywork. With the use of a foam gun, it creates an adherent, compact and wet foam that allows dirt to dissolve quickly as well as easy rinsing.
• Moreover, thanks to its low evaporation characteristics, it can be applied also on normal spray dispensers,  avoiding annoying residue of dried product in the drying phase.
• Thanks to its special formula, #PRÌMUS can be used without problems on surfaces treated with waxes, sealants or coatings. #PRÌMUS was researched and developed by Mafra laboratories and was thoroughly tested in cooperation with the most prestigious sports car makers worldwide.


for the cleaning of rims and tyres dilution 1:3 to 1:10; for the cleaning of the lower sides of the vehicle, rails and bumpers or to remove gnats dilution 1:20; for the cleaning of very dirty vehicles dilution 1:50 dispensing the product from the bottom upwards; for washing of medium-dirty vehicles dilution 1:80, dispensing the product from the bottom upwards; for frequent washing dilution 1:100.


in this case, it is advisable to respect the normal dilutions, obtaining the output delivery as those recommended with the spray dispenser described above. The final dilution varies according to the high-pressure water cleaner used. We generally recommend diluting #PRÌMUS 1: 5 for winter dirt, 1:10 for summer dirt and for weekly washing. After application wait a few minutes and rinse with high pressure.