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Labocosmetica Leale - Medium Cut Compound


LEALE is an innovative, refined, silicone-free, water-based, medium-abrasive polish. It contains synthetic abrasives that adapt to all surfaces, even to the most sensitive ones that are a real nightmare for detailers, such as sticky, reflowed and super soft surfaces. Easily removes marks caused by improper washing, swirls, common flaws and sanding marks up to 2500 grits, as well as, ceramic and hard surfaces, with a clean and precise cut to ensure excellent finish and extreme gloss. LEALE technology makes it the best solution to remove deep/medium scratches, and to quickly repair any surface. With the right pad, it can also be used as one-step for an incredible glossy and silky effect. Its ā€˜Cold Technologyā€™ allows the removal of flaws at low speed, drastically reducing the risk of holograms and possible damage to the surface caused by the high temperature of the work process. LEALE is a perfect mix of technology and ease of use: a ā€˜problem solvingā€™, multifunctional polish for the most different surfaces. Paraffin-free and filler-free, it ensures a perfect polishing: does not cover, but rather removes flaws, providing a finish comparable to that of a finishing polish. The whole LabocosmeticaĀ® polish line is odour-free and ā€˜VOC FREEā€™.

Instructions for Use

With a rotary polisher, initially use a 400-600-rotation speed, then gradually increase to 1000-1200 rotations and end with light pressure of 400-600-rotation speed.With a random orbital polisher, gradually apply a small amount of product evenly on a sponge pad at a speed of 1-2 on a 40x40cm area, then use the maximum speed to polish until the product is no longer visible.