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Labocosmetica Derma 2.0 - Leather Cleaner 500ml


Derma Cleaner is a concentrated product with a balanced formula, capable of gently cleaning any type of leather covering. Leather in cars, if not treated regularly, tends to get the classic polished and worn look.

Derma Cleaner is the ideal product for preserving the original and natural finish of leather coverings over time. It can be used both as a detergent, for an extraordinary cleaning on very damaged leather coverings; and as a maintenance product.

Thanks to its special formula, enriched with emollient agents with micellar functions , it cleans without dehydrating leather surfaces, preventing premature aging and preserving the finish of the original leather. It leaves on the treated surfaces a good fresh and clean scent.

Instruction for Use

This cleaner can be diluted in 1: 1 for ordinary maintenance, or pure for a heavy cleaning.

Suitable for all types of leathers, it is perfect for maintaining your car upholstery without dehydrating them. It even has a slight moisturizing action in its formulation to avoid drying them out.

We can spray Derma Cleaner 2.0 on a microfiber or use a soft bristle brush dedicated to leather and work the surface gently, without pressure. The residue is then wiped off.

The fact of working Derma Cleaner 2.0 with a brush is recommended to benefit from a better cleaning action and especially from the deep disinfecting action of the leather pores.