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Koch Magic Wheel Cleaner MWC (500 ml)


Acid-free rim cleaner

Magic Wheel Cleaner is our powerful, viscous, acid-free rim cleaner that provides
innovative performance to mildly and thoroughly clean rims and rim wells. Its reactive
component dissolves iron particles with characteristic red discolouration. Special
dispersing agents gently remove stubborn dirt from surfaces. The viscous setting ensures that the sprayed-on Magic Wheel Cleaner adheres excellently to the surface. Dirt remains bound and the cleaner does not dry up, even after an extended application time.

Areas of use
Painted alloy wheels, high-quality chromed wheels, steel rims

Recommendations for use
Do not use on hot paints or surfaces or in direct sunlight. Check for suitability and
compatibility prior to use. Shake Magic Wheel Cleaner briefly prior to use and spray the rim surface and rim well thoroughly. Depending on the amount of dirt, allow 2 - 5 minutes for Magic Wheel Cleaner to take effect on the rim and then rinse thoroughly using a high-pressure spray.