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Koch Allround Surface Cleaner ASC (500 ml)


Surface Cleaner specialised

Ready to use surface cleaner for the car, home and workplace. Finger-marks, dust, grease and all other forms of dirt are all swiftly and thoroughly cleaned away. Leaves a residue and streak free clean finish on all smooth surfaces including non-polar materials such as plastics. Also for use with a cleaning gun (such as a Tornador) for great results on ventilation slots, textiles etc. because the formulation does not leave any water marks or chemical residue behind. Has a pleasant scent.

Areas of use
Smooth surfaces, stainless steel, plastic, leather and textiles (textiles with cleaning gun)

Recommendations for use
Spray undiluted onto stained area, let it absorb for a short while and wipe it with a
microfibre cloth. Alternatively spray undiluted with the cleaning gun, then switch off the chemical spray and dry with compressed air.