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GTechniq Marine Multi Stage Polish 500ml


Why use Gtechniq Multi-Stage Polish?

Multi-Stage Polish is a low dusting, non-sling, VOC free, composite polish specifically designed for marine applications. It contains diminishing abrasive technology that quickly and effectively restores the glossy finish to any gelcoat or topcoat surface without the use of aggressive solvents.

Quick Overview
  • Fast results
  • VOC free

Simple steps to help you get the best results

  • Shake well and wear gloves
  • If the surface is heavily oxidised, polish first using a Gtechniq Hotswap Cutting Pad
  • For less oxidised surfaces use a Gtechniq Hotswap Medium Pad
  • Finish with a Hotswap Finishing Pad on a rotary polisher
  • Buff with a Gtechniq Marine Microfibre Buff Cloth until you have a streak-free finish
  • If you find it hard to remove product, wipe with a wet Marine Microfibre Buff Cloth and then buff with a dry one
  • Store in a cool, dry place