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3D 935 Ceramic Coating 100ml (3.4oz)

$214.68 $243.95

  • Premium 9H Ceramic Coating
  • Superior gloss, slickness, and durability
  • Maximum longevity - up to 2 years protection
  • Repels and beads away dirt, water, road film, and more

Besides long-lasting protection and incredible water beading is the incredible GLOSS the 3D Ceramic Coating creates on your car’s finish! The gloss is so intense, a better word to describe it is a glassy look. 3D’s Ceramic Coating is a professional grade coating that’s easy enough to apply that anyone can do it even if it’s their very first time using a ceramic coating. And “yes” the protection and longevity far exceeds that of car waxes and synthetic paint sealants. And “yes”, the water beading is insane! But it’s the glass-like appearance that will impress you and your friends the most.

Besides the glassy look, the long-lasting protection and incredible water beading, here are some other great features,

Your car will stay cleaner longer - Because of the super hydrophobic surface 3D Ceramic Coating creates, dirt, dust, pollen, road grime, industrial fallout and airborne pollution are a lot less likely to stick or bond to the paint surface.

Self-cleaning effect - The super hydrophobic surface beads water so well, that anytime it rains the rainwater will bead-up and then run of your car flushing and rinsing away any dirt or dust accumulation. It’s like Mother Nature washes your car for you!

Faster, safer washing and faster and easier drying - The high surface tension created by 3D Ceramic Coating makes water want to physically get away from the finish. This makes future washing faster and also safer as the 9h Mohs Hardness helps to resist marring during the washing and drying process. And because the surface of your car’s paint will have such a high surface tension finish – water will rather absorb into your favorite drying towel instead of remaining on the paint.

Forced Air Drying - The safest way to dry any vehicle after the 3D Ceramic Coating is installed, is to use a cordless leaf blower. For example, the cordless EGO 650CFM Leaf Blower offers 180 mile per hour wind speeds of clean, filtered air. This leaf blower or any quality air blower will effortlessly blast any standing water off your car’s finish. This is one of the really cool features about the 3D Ceramic Coating because anytime you can avoid touching the finish you reduce the risk of introducing any accidental marring, swirls, or scratches.

Intense Glassy Deep Wet Shine! - While all of the above features are great in and of themselves, the feature you’re going to love the most is the liquid glassy look the coating creates on your vehicles paint. Your car’s paint will literally look like it just rolled out of the paint booth with that wet-paint-look that comes from a professional custom paint job.

What is it? - 3D Paint Coating is specialty polymer resin and a true ceramic coating.

What does it do? - Seals your car's paint using a liquid polymer which cures to a flexible solid.

When do you use it? - 3D Ceramic Coating is for paint in new or excellent condition or after neglected paint has been properly cleaned, clayed and any paint correction steps are performed. 3D Ceramic Coating must be applied to paint in perfect condition for maximum product performance.

Why use 3D Ceramic Coating over other options?

The 3D Ceramic Coating is the real-deal. It’s based on SiO2, which stands for Silicon Dioxide, but it is NOT a SiO2 coating. SiO2 is more of the carrying-agent for the final product after it’s super-heated and mixed with Titanium Dioxide or TiO2. The resulting combination creates a true ceramic coating, which dries completely hard after full cure.

3D on the outside of the bottle means you can trust the product on the inside of the bottle.

  • True ceramic coating with true 9h hardness
  • Has a melting point of 4,950 degrees Fahrenheit (2,730 degrees Celsius) and the resulting finish is a 9 on the Mohs Hardness Scale.
  • Superior gloss that holds up over time much better than competitors.
  • Superior paint adhesion, which maximizes coating longevity.
  • 3D Ceramic Coating creates an incredibly high contact angle, which creates an insane super-water-beading-hydrophobic-surface, where the water beads are tight, tall, and small.
  • Creates a self-cleaning effect any time it rains for a cleaner car.
  • Makes future washing and drying faster, safer, and easier
  • 2-year protection and even longer – depends on how car is washed.
  • Green technology, Earth friendly – Prop 65 and V.O.C. compliant.