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Car Brite Heavy Metal (1 Gallon)


A ready-to-use, acid-free, pH balanced iron contaminant remover that is highly effective in removing brake and rail dust found on vehicle painted surfaces and wheels. Its color-shifting property lets you know it's working as it goes on yellow and transitions to purple as it comes in contact with iron deposits.

How to use

NOTE: Prior to application to any surface make sure it is cool to the touch. Do not apply to hot surfaces. 

1. Wash and dry vehicle. 

2. Apply Heavy Metal on the contaminated area starting from the roof and working down. Heavily contaminated areas may require light agitation. 

3. Allow to dwell 2-5 minutes depending on environment and temperatures. Do not allow to dry on surface. 

4. Rinse treated areas thoroughly. 

5. Repeat wash and dry vehicle.