Car Brite Fabric Guard (1 Gallon)

Car Brite Fabric Guard (1 Gallon)

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A protectant for upholstry and carpet that protects against soiling, staining, color fading, and excessive wear. Great also for use on: convertible tops, tents, rainwear, and fabric sofas.

How to use

  1. Ensure fabric is clean and dry before applying product.
  2. Lightly apply product with pressurized spray gun. Ensure mist being emitted is not too thick (the finer, the better).
  3. Hold spray nozzle 8 - 12 inches from material being treated and use long, vertical passes to ensure even coverage.
  4. Gently pass hand over material to break surface tension and ensure product fully penetrates fabric. Wash hands thoroughly afterword.
  5. Allow to air dry for at least one hour.

Only apply product in well ventilated area.

Test small area of fabric for color fastness before treating entire surface.