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3D AAT 505 Correction Glaze (All in One Compound, Polish and Wax)

$19.32 $21.95

  • All-In-One body shop safe compound, polish, and wax
  • Restores old and dull paint to blend evenly with freshly painted panels
  • Removes holograms, swirls, scratched, oxidation, and water spots
  • Fresh paint safe, silicone-free, and water based

3D 505 Correction Glaze is unique in the professional body shop world of compounds and polishes. It’s a polish but nothing like any polish you’ve ever used.

First – it offers great correction ability for a “polish”. It’s not a compound so keep things in perspective – it’s for cleaning up the paint surrounding the new freshly sprayed paint, so the ENTIRE car looks the same.

Tunch calls it a BLENDER because it blends the surrounding panels that are filled with swirls, scratches, and oxidation so they look like the new, fresh sprayed paint.

This product removes medium level swirls and scratches and anything it doesn’t remove it dramatically improves. It NEVER dries out or gets dusty. Never. And it wipes off super easy and leaves a wet looking shine. And then get this – it’s safe for fresh paint.

It’s works like a light cutting compound, a jeweling polish and leaves behind a proprietary hybrid version of Montan wax. Not only will the car look great but as your customer puts the car back on the road – the paint will be protected from the elements.