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3D 806 Gum & Tar Remover 16oz

$28.12 $31.95

  • Removes gum, tar, sap, adhesive, stickers, glue, and more
  • Safe on clearcoat paint, chrome, glass, plastic, and vinyl
  • Fast-acting formula dissolves substances to easily wipe off
  • Can also be used inside of vehicle

3D Gum & Tar Remover uses high quality V.O.C compliant solvents to make removing any sticky substance off any underlying material fast, easy and safe.

What is it? - Paint-safe solvent that dissolves all types of sticky substances like gum, tar, adhesive and sticker residues.

What does it do? - Removes unsightly sticky contaminants and residues stuck on hard, smooth surfaces without harming the surface.

When do you use it? - Anytime you need to remove any sticky contaminant or residue off a smooth surface.

Why use 3D Gum & Tar Remover over other options? - This product is completely safe for dissolving sticky residues, contaminants and other substances without harming the underlying surface, coating or material. It’s also fast-acting so it reduces the amount of time needed for the job and because it fully dissolves and emulsifies the offending sticky material it makes wipe-off faster and safer for the underlying surface, coating or material.

3D on the outside of the bottle means you can trust the product on the inside of the bottle.

  • Removes gum, tar, adhesive reside, stickers, glue, tree sap, emblem tape, rubber streaks, grease, oily traffic film, asphalt, wheel weight adhesive.
  • Can be used inside of car to remove sticky candy residues.
  • Safe for clearcoat paint, chrome, glass, plastic, rubber and vinyl surfaces,
  • Non-spotting solvent formula – Non-abrasive – Non-acid.
  • Paint-safe solvent dissolves sticky substances making them easy to wipe off.
  • Safer alternative to detailing clay or clay substitutes, compounding, polishing and sanding.
  • 3D’s Green Earth Technology – Biodegradable, Prop 65 and V.O.C. compliant