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For more than 20 years, we've been a family run business with a passion for cars, the products we make, and the people that use them.

Our parent company was founded in 2001 initially serving car dealerships and grew to service thousands of dealerships and their customers around the world with an innovative glass product that protects their glass and repels water.

In 2016, we wanted to bring that same proven product to the folks who dedicate their days to perfecting the appearance of your car - the pro detailing industry - and GlassParency was born. In the years since, GP has grown to work with more than 3,500 professional detailers globally and hundreds of thousands of their customers.

In 2021, we evolved again to bring a full lineup of professional grade ceramic coatings and detailing essentials to our pro customers alongside additional professional services, and for the first time, we made our products available directly to car enthusiasts. We're in an endless pursuit to develop and source detailing products that are Made to Perform for the people that expect nothing but the best performance.