TEC402 Ice Purple Tire Dressing (1 Gallon)

TEC402 Ice Purple Tire Dressing (1 Gallon)

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Introducing Technician’s Choice® TEC402 Ice Purple Tire Dressing...Solvent/Silicone System. Features reduced sling. Non-greasy, very durable. High shine with very little set-up time. Fast dry with great results.


DO NOT USE ON DIRECT SUNLIGHT OR ON HOT SURFACES. Clean and scrub tires with Technician’s Choice® Tire Cleaner. Allow time for tire to dry completely. Spray evenly over surface. Let dry to a high gloss.

Outstanding Features:

Fast Drying
No Wipe Formula
Water Resistant Surface
Limits Product Spin Off
Improved Surface Gloss
Contains No Hexane
Grape Fragrance

Size 1 Gallon