Car Brite Eradicator (5 Gallon)

Car Brite Eradicator (5 Gallon)

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A body prep solvent formulated to remove grease, tar and wax from exterior surfaces.  Formulated using a blend of highly refined solvents and detergents to deliver our most powerful body prep solvent.

  • Blend of highly refined solvents containing fortified surfactants
  • Quickly and safely removes grease, tar and wax from paint and chrome
  • Effectively removes petroleum-based stains from fabric surfaces
  • Dries quickly and rinses freely
  • Ready-to-use formula extremely easy to use

How to use

Exterior Grease, Tar & Wax Removal:

  1. Apply product with trigger sprayer to painted surface.
  2. Agitate solvent on vehicle with applicator pad.
  3. Thoroughly pressure rinse areas cleaned.