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$150 freight pre-paid within Canada

Certified Installer Programs

When you become Gtechniq Accredited you join a family of experienced installers. The team at Gtechniq offer you all the help and support needed to push the brand in your guaranteed territory. Being associated with the Gtechniq brand will not only enhance your sales but greatly improve your reputation for being the master of your trade.

As a Gtechniq Accredited Detailer, you also have exclusive access to the best ceramic paint protection on the market, Crystal Serum Ultra. Gtechniq products work harder, smarter and more easily than anything else you have ever tried – that is a promise. 

Gtechniq Products

ITEKT Windshield hydrophobic liquid glass protectant is highly repellent and ensures water, oil, and dirt stick less to the glass while offering additional benefits to you and your vehicle.
Made from all-natural components, the ITEKT Windshield protective coating is totally invisible, silicone-free, easy to apply and increases the resistance of the glass by 20%.

ITEKT Products

To learn more about Gtechniq or ITekt Certified Installer program, please contact us at: sales@autodetailsupplies.ca or call us at: 604-362-1378