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$150 freight pre-paid within Canada

Volume Discount

Mix and Match your favourite key detailing products to save more money! Volume discounts will apply based on sum of quantity of different variants across multiple products.

For instance, buy 12 Rupes DA Pads (any size, microfiber, foam or wool) across multiple products to receive price break.  The total quantity can be mix of different products that are in that category. 

Categories are listed below:

3D Compounds and Polishes: 3D Speed, 3D One, ACA 500, ACA 510, ACA 520

Auto Scents: (All Product)

Rupes DA Pads: Microfiber 9.mf series, Foam 9.da series, Wool 9.bw series

Sonax Compounds and Polishes: Perfect Finish, EX 04-06, Ex Cut 05-05, Cut Max, Ultimate Cut



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